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From routine checkups to treatments for surgery, Birmingham Podiatry is equipped to handle all your podiatric needs. To help you understand your options, we've included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page.

  • Bunions
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Hammertoes
  • Calluses
  • Heel Pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Ingrown Nails
  • Fungal Nails
  • Fractures
  • Tinea Pedis
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Gout
  • Sports Injuries
  • Dermatitis
  • Warts
  • Wound Care
  • Neuromas
  • Flat Feet
  • Arthritis
  • Infections

Our Services include:

Medical History
Because systemic conditions frequently manifest themselves in the feet the podiatrists of Birmingham Podiatry need to know the state of your general health as well as your foot condition.

A comprehensive foot examination will be made. Many foot conditions are mechanical in origin.

Many conditions of the foot are due to bony pathology. The podiatrists may take X-Rays to aid in a diagnosis. Foot fractures are also diagnosed and treated.

Lab Tests
Blood tests and cultures may be needed to diagnose specific problems. Also, testing of any tissues removed is available. MRI's CAT scans or Vascular Testing may be prescribed at Birmingham Podiatry to enhance the diagnostic process.

The podiatrists may find it necessary to prescribe oral, injectable or topically applied medications in the treatment of your condition.

Corrective devices of several types are indicated in treatment of a wide variety of medical problems.

Many painful conditions of the foot are correctable by surgery. These procedures are fully discussed and explained by the doctors of Birmingham Podiatry and surgery may be performed in the office, surgical center or in the hospital facilities as needed.

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